Cartoon museum meeting 2012

the 4th cartoon museum meeting will be held in Kruishoutem – Belgium

Interview 2011/11/17

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An interview with Rudy Gheysens, president of the meeting 2012

What does it mean for the ECC to organize the 4th Cartoon Museum Meeting in Kruishoutem?

We are very proud to be the host of this conference. We think it is very important for cartoon museums from all over the world to stay in contact and work together to develop, improve and modernize the cartoon museums. Sharing information and knowledge based on the experiences of other museums is necessary to increase the quality of all activities in cartoon museums and to save cartoon heritage. I’m sure that meetings like this can build bridges between cartoon museums.

What can we expect from the meeting in Kruishoutem?

It should be a highly interactive meeting, where we can think together and learn from each other.

We have chosen the theme ‘connecting through cartoons’. We hope that during the conference participants really connect with each other and that this leads to sustainable collaborations between cartoon museums.  We think it is not sufficient to have an outstanding content at the meeting, we also want to pay great attention to the atmosphere. I’m convinced that the highly engaged volunteers of the ECC will do everything possible, as usual, to make this meeting a successful event.

Is there is something particular you yourself want to learn from your colleagues ?

First of all I’m looking forward to the discussions with the colleagues. It’s rather rear to see so much people together with the same passion for cartoons and cartoon museums. So sharing our dreams for future projects, thinking together about how we can make them come true and how to overcome difficulties, will be great. More specific I’m particularly interested in how other museums conserve and digitalize their cartoon archives, and I’m always interested in new ways to make exhibitions more attractive to the general public.

When will you be a happy organizer of this cartoon museum meeting?

I hope that all participants have a great time in Kruishoutem and that they go back home with lots of new ideas for their own museum. Therefore I hope to welcome participants from all over the world. I’m convinced that such diversity can lead to great exchanges. And last but not least I hope that this meeting will stimulate and enhance the cooperation between all cartoon museums.


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