Cartoon museum meeting 2012

the 4th cartoon museum meeting will be held in Kruishoutem – Belgium

What about cartoon fishing? 2012/02/03

The Collections Australia Network has been collection fishing on Twitter since 2 years, in The Netherlands collection fishing started in December 2011. And both are very succesfull.

It all started with an initiative of The Museum of Victoria in Australia. They wanted to show some wonderful hidden pieces in museums or in private collections. Each day a different organization organically comes up with a theme for the day. Participants fossick around online collections for related material.

The theme can be anything and is put to Twitter each morning with the hashtag #collectionfishing or #collectievissen in Dutch and the hashtag for the theme. Everyone (coworkers of the museum or audience) can search in all the online museum collections or in their own collection for a great picture, object of art, … that is related to the theme. They put a picture on Twitter using the same hastaghs.

So I am launching the idea of the introduction of ‘Cartoon Fishing’. Why shouldn’t we do the same with cartoons? Why shouldn’t we look for these rare pearls of cartoon art that are hidden in our collections of in private collections by using Twitter. But are all our collections digitalized? Is Twitter allready used all over the world? Perhaps we should try it anyway with a weekly or monthly subject and the hashtag #cartoonfishing

3 tips to make it work:

– Choose a cartoon that is surprising. Not the most evident choose. A real work that has to be seen. Surprise your public.

– Give some information (in max. 140 words) about the work and how it is related to the theme

– Ask others (collegues , cartoonists and your visitors) to participate

If you like this idea and you want to start the experiment with us, please contact


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