Cartoon museum meeting 2012

the 4th cartoon museum meeting will be held in Kruishoutem – Belgium

Great stories 2012/04/17

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To start the highly interactive cartoon conference we will share some great success stories about ‘connecting’ with each other in the cartoon world.

We are sure that every museum has a great story, that can inspire other museums. Some museums will have stories about projects with school children, others will have a best practice about the integration of the museum in the neighborhood, some will have great experiences with cartoonists, … .

This is what we asked the participating museums :

‘Which was a moment, in the history of your cartoon museum, where you felt that your museum made a difference? A moment where you felt there was a real connection with the public or with cartoonists or with your team, or … . A moment that was significant, meaningful, mutually empowering, or particularly effective in terms of achieved results. A moment when you thought ‘Yes, we did a fantastic job’ and we are very proud of it and we want to share this moment with the rest of the world.  It can be a story about a big event, but it can also be a rather small project which you found was really a turning point for you personally or for the museum.’

Try to point out the following aspects:

  • What was the initial situation? The context?
  • What did you realize exactly?
  • Who was involved? Who were the partners in this process? What was the role of everyone?
  • What was for you a real turning point? What made it so successful?
  • What was your personal contribution?
  • Which are the characteristics of your museum(team) that made this so successful?
  • What are the exact aspects that made you really proud? Things you never thought they were possible?
  • What did you learn about it?
  • What could others learn from your experience?

All stories will be published in a best practices- story book for cartoon museums and we hope not only to learn from each others experiences, but also to get more insights about our own story. How comes that this was such a great success? What made that this project was real fun? What can we do to repeat this success in future?

Can’t wait to hear all these stories.


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