Cartoon museum meeting 2012

the 4th cartoon museum meeting will be held in Kruishoutem – Belgium

Still one month 2012/08/05

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Only one month left to ECC’s biggest event of the year. 18 cartoon museums from over the whole world will be hosted in Kruishoutem for 4 days.

Of course the ECC team of volunteers will make this event to a top experience for all participants. Cooking, transport, animation, guidance, presentation, support, communication, … we do it with pleasure and are looking forward to ‘connect’ with all our colleagues from around the world.

So we are very busy with the preparations:
– planning of the transportation of the guests from the airport to Kruishoutem
– deciding on what to eat – typical Belgian of course
– preparing the location
– preparing the 5th birthday party of the ECC
– preparing a best practices conference book and cartoon museum guide
– touristic trips
– preparing the conference scenario

So to be short, from now on it is all about … Planning, planning and planning again.


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