Cartoon museum meeting 2012

the 4th cartoon museum meeting will be held in Kruishoutem – Belgium

Rahim about the conference 2012/08/26

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Rahim, the director of the cartoon museum in Tabriz,  did organize the secund world cartoon meeting conference. We asked him his point of view about the conference, his expectations and the cartoon world in general.

Some reasons of the importance and necessity of world cartoon museums meeting from different perspectives:

1-      Visiting other museums and becoming familiar with the initiative of each museum

2-      Meeting with other museum directors and colleagues and systematic exchange of views with them

3-      Creating a sense of belonging to these gatherings as a reliable place to express the different opinions

4-      Creating a sense of  friendship , sympathy and consultation between museum directors

5-      Creating a sense of cooperation to solve each other’s problems and supporting one another

The results that I would like to get from this meeting for ourown museum:

1-      Taking pattern from successful, effective and practical methods of museum management

2-       Getting pattern from environmental space of other museums

3-      Obtaining more information from other museum directors` speech

4-      Conducting agreements with other directors in the field of holding exhibitions and workshops

My specific suggestions and questions tothe colleagues:

1-      Are you interested to write a constitution for the formation of a union for the next meeting?

2-      Are you interested to pay costs of an international site for covering all general cartoon news?

3-      I suggest continuing our communication with each other, in time interval between two meetings.

4-      I propose writing a planning program for holding exhibition in different countries.

How can we communicate with world by cartoon?

1-      A cartoon can get you imprisoned (as Nikahang kosari- Hadi Heidari-Mana Neiestani and Hasan Karimzadeh  in Iran)

2-       A cartoon may be led to global protest demonstrations ( like the global protests that were staged against drawing of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH cartoon around the world or what happened in Tabriz after drawing the beetle cartoon )

3-      a cartoon can get you killed ( as Naji al- Ali Palestinian cartoonist)

4-      Fingers are broken with a cartoon ( as Ali Farzat Syrian cartoonist)

But  ……

1-      Cartoonists can help promote peace with a cartoon….

2-      They can help protect the environment ….

3-       They can stimulate people’s emotions….

4-      They can make people laugh…

5-      They can make people cry……

6-      They can make people think…

7-      They can reveal and dissociate….

 We try to have a free; just; peaceful and non-violent world and museums can provide the field and substrate of these activities.



Director of Azerbaijan Cartoon Museum / Tabriz, Iran




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