Cartoon museum meeting 2012

the 4th cartoon museum meeting will be held in Kruishoutem – Belgium

2 more nights 2012/09/04

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Just 2 more (sleepless) nights and the cartoon museum conference will start. The whole ECC team is working very hard to make it to a success.

Tomorrow our first guests arrive (hope that Rahim gets his visum on time) and Thursday Jan, Paul, Dominique and Rudy will be driving several times to Brussels, Ghent and Lille to welcome the other guests. Sebastien is providing an afternoon program for the early birds and Veronique will be cooking a light lunch.

At 5:30 pm the conference really starts with a welcome presentation and a kick off workshop. The dinner will be a typical Flemish meal. And on Friday it will be a hard day of work. But we do assure you that it will be fun at the same time. And in the late afternoon we will be welcomed by the Mayor of Kruishoutem.

Saturday we’ll continue the conference and celebrate the 5th birthday of the ECC.

And guess what: you don’t have to take your umbrella! The weather will be great the whole weekend (sunny – between 22 and 26°C)

You can follow every step of the conference on this blog, our Facebookpages or Twitter @ecckruishoutem.



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