Cartoon museum meeting 2012

the 4th cartoon museum meeting will be held in Kruishoutem – Belgium

Kruishoutem and Eggs 2012/09/06

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Kruishoutem is well known as the Village of Eggs.

Since 1670 Kruishoutem had for the very first time permission to organize every year on the 26th of June a market.

Since 1841 the weekly market, on Tuesday, was exclusively for vegetables and very soon the selling of Eggs dominated the whole market. After the Second World War, Kruishoutem became the most important market of Eggs, and it still kept growing.

So in the fifties, Kruishoutem was even the most important Egg market in Western Europe. In 1962 about 75 million of Eggs were sold. Still today the prize of the Eggs is determined every Tuesday in Kruishoutem.

Because Kruishoutem was so proud on his Egg Market in 1955 the village started a yearly ‘Egg Festival’ at Eastern. A ‘Queen of Eggs’ and ‘Farmer of Eggs’ are elected and on Monday eggs (on a parachute) are dropped out of the Church Tower. Thousands of people come to see the colorful spectacle and like to grab a little egg. It was on the occasion of this festival that a local cultural organization decided in 1978 to organize the first cartoon exhibition ever in Kruishoutem. The next year a contest for Flemish cartoonists was organized about the theme ‘Chicken and egg’. It was the beginning of the Euro-kartoenale and the European Cartoon Center.


Cartoon by Philippe Bossens


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