Cartoon museum meeting 2012

the 4th cartoon museum meeting will be held in Kruishoutem – Belgium

Birthday speech of president Rudy in short 2012/09/09

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5 years ago I was so proud that we finally could open the doors of the European Cartoon Center in my home town Kruishoutem. And still I had some doubts. Will it be possible to realize everything we have planned? Every 3 months new exhibitions, opening ceremonies, receiving visitors, groups, schools, the cleaning, … and all this only with volunteers, without finance of the government.

So today, I am not only proud, I am more than proud. We did it! The past 5 years we realized more than 40 exhibitions, our cartoon book collection tripled, we organized workshops and seminars for cartoonists, workshops for kids, …

Nice results that only could be achieved by the work of a fantastic team of volunteers. Thanks Jan, Véronique, Monique, Filip, Rita, Philippe, Ro, Herman, Anthony, Sebastien, Dominique, Paul, Fernand and Saskia for your amazing work and all those great moments.

And thanks to Jan Oplinus, the initiator of the ECC Cartoonbooksclub, he is a great ambassador for the ECC.

And we are still planning a lot of projects for the future: a permanent exhibition about the history of Belgian cartoons, the 19th edition of the Euro-kartoenale, some nice exhibitions next year. But all our dreams and plans can only be realized with the help of you all, the cartoonists, cartoon lovers and ‘Friends of the ECC’. So thanks for that!






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