Cartoon museum meeting 2012

the 4th cartoon museum meeting will be held in Kruishoutem – Belgium

Interview with Niels Beugeling of the Press Museum of Amsterdam 2012/09/09

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It’s the first time you participate in the cartoon museum conference. What’s your first impression?

I like it very much, I find it very special to bring people together. Especially because it is an international gathering. It’s nice to know what people in other countries do.

At the moment we are preparing an exhibition of Arabic cartoonists. So this meeting is very useful. I am working with political cartoons, others are busy in the field of gag cartoons. So due to this kinds of meetings, you discover that the difference between them is not so large.

It is also great to hear that some of the participants are thinking about the same evolutions, as we do in the Press Museum f.e. the virtual museum.

Why you are interested in the concept of the virtual museum?

In The Netherlands we have 27 important cartoonists (the Belgians ZAK and Kamagurka included). When I started the museum 10 years ago 75% of cartoons were handmade. Now there is only 1 cartoonist who is not working digital.

Can you imagine organizing the conference in Amsterdam?

That would be great.

Thinking of a specific theme?

I think you can’t have a better theme then ‘Connect though Cartoons’, but I’ll think about it.



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