Cartoon museum meeting 2012

the 4th cartoon museum meeting will be held in Kruishoutem – Belgium

Once upon a time 2012/09/09

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 Cartoon directors and staff members from all over the world were in Kruishoutem, the little village of eggs.

They shared stories about the successes of their museums, first in groups of two, later with the others: empowering and educating children about cartoons by workshops, political correctness and interaction between the museum, visitors and cartoons are common elements in their stories.

After that, a big step in the future 2025 and they won the prize of ‘the international museum of the decade’. How did they reach this big achievement?

– By working together, sharing ideas and exhibitions and by being all one museum, working together.

– By bringing the collection to the people, people who can decide by themselves what they get to see in the museum

– By making the museum a virtual museum, with every day a new curator and debates between cartoonists and the possibility to make 3Dprints, so that everyone can have an original cartoon in their own house.

– By making it a place where children learn about cartoons

– By allowing the world to read the only remaining newspaper, one with cartoons only

OK this was a dream, but all good projects start with a dream


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